“Those who help the poor honor their Maker”

~Proverbs 14:31




Christ Lutheran Church was established in 1887. A strong commitment to serve the poor is central to Christ Church historically and currently.



is a gift of love reflecting God’s divine love. To volunteer call Karen Adkins at 410-752-7179 or email
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Social Ministry Brochure

Red Cross Blood Drives

Blood drives are currently held two times a year. Blood donations are needed for accident victims, cancer and sickle cell patients and hemophiliacs. Blood donations are always needed – give the gift of life.

Baltimore Outreach Services:

A Shelter for Women and Their Children

Christ Church began their ministry to the homeless in 1987, originally providing warm blankets and a soup kitchen. In 2002 Baltimore Outreach Services, a non-profit corporation was formed to provide the administration and fund raising for our emergency shelter. The shelter houses 40 residents and provides case management services, educational groups, counseling for adults and children on site, after school homework help and culinary arts training programs for the residents.

Casserole Sundays

Volunteers provide the dinner meal to our guests on the fourth Sunday of every month.

Bill Nock (

will be in the Coffee Hour room recruiting on the third Sunday of the month. It is an opportunity for 10 members or families to prepare a recipe and bring it to church. Usually 3-4 people sign up to heat the casseroles and have dinner with the residents.

Holiday Help

Christ Church members adopt shelter residents and outreach program members (prior shelter residents) providing Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas presents.

Clothing & Household Goods

A clothing closet is maintained for shelter residents. Often the shelter residents arrive with only the clothes they are wearing. The clothing closet seeks to maintain clothing appropriate for work and job interviews for women as well as casual clothes for daily use. There are women of every size in our shelter who need clothing – nightgowns, underwear (new only), jeans, tennis shoes, shirts, sweaters and coats. Shoes and clothing for infants through Middle School are always needed. Especially needed items are school clothes and uniforms, coats and pajamas.

When our residents move out, they need everything to start a new home. You can donate linens for twin and double beds, kitchen supplies, towels, televisions and converter boxes. Everything can be taken to the shelter where you can obtain a donation slip. Clothing for men can be donated at Paul’s Place, located at 1118 Ward Street.

World Hunger Appeal

Donations provide food and shelter to victims of natural disasters and prenatal care to women. Ways to end the cycle of poverty are focused upon teaching productive skills that enable people to take care of themselves and their families. Projects to provide water, irrigation to fields and basic sanitation are funded by the World Hunger Appeal. You can donate year round.

Baltimore Benevolence

Christ Church funds after school programs for Reading and Math Skill Building and Art Enrichment in our neighborhood elementary schools. Call Federal Hill and Thomas Johnson directly to volunteer.

Fourteen thousand dollars in grocery coupons are provided to low income residents of Christ Church Harbor Apartments to supplement their food budget. You will see opportunities in the church bulletin to volunteer at Christ Church Harbor Apartments or you may contact the Activity Director at 410-837-1010.

Christ Church also helps provide food for Amazing Grace Lutheran Church’s food pantry.


Every year Christ Church members engage in a Disaster Relief or Habitat Project. We have mucked out basements in Dundalk, helped with clothing and food relief efforts in Chase, helped with emergency shelter efforts when Ocean City had to be evacuated and set up a volunteer work camp in Crisfield, Maryland. In March Christ Church members helped install flooring in two houses on McCabe Avenue in the Woodbourne-Govans community.

Resettlement of Refugee Families

Families sponsored by Christ Church from various countries are welcomed as friends and neighbors. Volunteers help with learning English, locating resources, transporting to stores and appointments, finding new places and adjusting to a new culture. We have helped to resettle families from Vietnam, Bosnia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Liberia and Colombia. We are currently working with The Kisuku family from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They were living in a tent in Uganda in a refugee camp for the past five years. The Kisuku family consists of Jean Paul (dad), Kavira (mom) and their five children: Kiyuslia (17), Evelyn (15), Mukuniwa (6), Wamunzira (4) and Kubota (2).

Lutheran Benevolence

Christ Church provides support to seminarians and seminaries including an annual grant to The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg. We help provide tuition for any member of Christ Church studying for ordained ministry that needs assistance.

Christ Church supports the Lutheran Church through the Delaware Maryland Synod. Other Lutheran organizations are also funded each year—Lutheran Campus Ministry, Mar-Lu-Ridge Camp and Conference Center, St. Dysmas Prison Ministry and Augsburg Lutheran Home.

Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate

On the first Sunday of each month, Fair Trade coffee, cocoa, tea and chocolate are available in the Coffee Hour room for your purchase. This Lutheran World Relief Project gives farmers a fair income for their work so they can support their families