Congregational Council

Our Congregation Council consists of members elected by the congregation at our Annual Meeting.  The current church council is as follows:

Bernie Annor

Pr. Patrick Ballard

Pr. James Cobb, President

Pr. Judy Cobb

Jennifer Doonan

Alice Eissele

John Folkemer, Secretary

Adrienne Grant

Gary Hacker, Treasurer

Ben Lentz

Lynne Mason

Paula Montgomery, Vice President

Patrick Moulds

Vladik Moulds, Youth

Jeanette Nazarian

Ernie Reitz

Nancy Rice

Natalie Swanson

Susan Walther

Gary Wells

Cathy Wood-Rupert 

At our annual meeting on January 12, 2020, we will elect 6 new members to the council.  Click here to submit a nomination.