Health Ministry of Christ Church

 is a team of volunteers who seek to engage the congregation in promoting and attaining the optimal state of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health and well-being for all who are connected to the church community. The health ministry team encourages congregational and community involvement, utilizing and sharing resources that promote interdependence among God’s people, along with the practice of good stewardship of body, mind and spirit. Members can be identified by the gold name tags they wear on Sunday mornings.

The “Here’s to Your Health” corner of the coffee hour room has monthly information on national health observances, along with current health news articles, journals and books.


Health Information and Meditation Area is

located next to the grandfather clock and offers a quiet corner to sit and read a variety of health-related books, articles, brochures and information on health-related topics.

Bulletin Board

at the back parking lot entrance focuses on monthly/seasonal whole-person health topics and events.
Download the
Health Ministry Brochure