Financial giving is very personal. There is no minimum (or maximum) gift that is appropriate for the church. Our church does not place requirements or expectations on any of our members’ giving. The model that is taught throughout the Old and New Testaments encourages the believer to give a percentage of what they receive. Most frequently it is taught as a “tithe,” which means 10%.
If you are just starting out with your giving, begin by committing to regular giving, such as weekly or monthly. Tie it to how often you are paid as a reminder that paychecks are a gift from God. Then set the goal to grow in your generosity by setting a percentage. Perhaps start with 2 or 3% for one year. Then as your faith grows, grow your giving by 1% per year. Just as important as your giving, however, is the responsibility all people of faith have to be wise with what they have received. Aim to live a simpler, debt-free lifestyle as part of your walk of faith.