Previous generations of Christ Church members are still giving to Christ Church. Gifts from individuals’ estate plans are now part of the Christ Church Endowment and Foundation, which provide direct financial support to the congregation’s daily ministry. All members and friends of Christ Church are asked to consider naming the congregation as part of their estate plans. Here are some simple ways that you too can continue to do ministry through Christ Church long after your death:

  • Beneficiary on retirement plan: Naming the church to receive a percentage of your retirement plan after your death is a very easy way to make a large impact. You financial adviser will likely tell you that directing these to the church will save your heirs a significant tax burden.
  • Beneficiary of life insurance: Consider identifying a percentage of your life insurance to support the ministry of the church. Others may find it possible to identify a whole policy for the church.
  • Will Designations: Making a provision in your will that identifies Christ Church is a powerful expression of faith for you and for your family. Identifying your desire for the congregation to receive memorial gifts at your funeral is a great witness to your faith.
  • Trusts, and other financial tools: If you are working with an attorney or a financial adviser, he or she may identify other methods available to you that both express your faith and can provide relief from a significant tax burden.

If you would like to discuss your giving, your estate plan or you want help finding a trusted financial professional, please contact one of the pastors.