The Andover Organ, Opus 114, was dedicated at Christ Church on April 22nd, 2007 “to the Greater Glory of God and in Thanksgiving for the Ministry of Music of Dr. Paul Davis and the Christ Church Choir” after a planning process of three years and an actual installation process encompassing nearly an entire year.
The organ consists of a main installation in the chancel and a smaller installation in the balcony, each installation having its own console, so that they can function as one instrument or as two instruments with separate organists. The entire installation consists of 4341 pipes in 82 ranks, divided among three manuals in the chancel and two manuals in the gallery.
The casings of both organs include wood carvings from the previous organ and additional carving designed to match those taken from the previous casings and were executed by David Calvo of Calvo studios. The stenciling on the façade pipes was executed by Marylou Davis, an expert in 19th century American stenciling and is designed to complement the stenciling of the chancel ceiling and the stonework of the sanctuary. While most American organs are built on the foundation of an 8’ principal, Andover Opus 114 is built on a 16’ principal and each manual and the pedal has a complete principal chorus. All divisions include a variety of flutes, strings and reeds that make the organ wonderfully adaptable to the performance of a wide variety of music.
The craftsmanship and excellence of Andover Opus 114 was recognized in Choir and Organ magazine in London and was the featured Organ in the January 2013 issue of The American Organist, the official journal of the American Guild of Organists.