Separate Incorporated Ministries are organizations that grew directly out of Christ Church, but today are incorporated into their own organizations. Christ Church is still highly connected and part of the board of directors for these organizations.

Baltimore Outreach Services (BOS)

In the 1980’s and 1990’s Christ Church made a commitment to hand-on outreach ministry.  As a result, in 1987, a soup kitchen was established to provide temporary shelter for those in need. By the 1990’s the temporary shelter expanded to services for homeless women and children.
BOS services include emergency shelter, supportive housing, educational programming, health and mental health services, job training and employment counseling.

Christ Church Harbor Apartments Inc.

In 1974, six years before the Inner Harbor opened in 1980, Christ Church built the Harbor Apartment building which included 288 apartment units of Senior citizen housing. The goal was part of Christ Church’s social ministry outreach to provide housing for low to moderate income seniors in their retirement. The building faces Light Street and the Inner Harbor as well as the Christ Church Plaza, and is the focus of the Christ Church Harbor Apartment Board.

The Board serves to manage and direct the overall operation of the building and its management. The building has an Administrator, Page Croyder, who has been there since 2013 and is a member of Christ Church. The Board provides policy guidance to Page and her staff.

Charles Light Parking

Charles Light parking is actually a stock corporation with Christ Church owning all 25 shares of corporate stock. The garage was built in 1974 to support the ministries of Deaton Hospital (owned by the congregation then) and Christ Church Harbor Apartments, as well as the congregation. Since it was primarily built for the purpose of supporting these non-profit ministries of the church, 80% of the revenue is deemed to be tax exempt and 20% is considered taxable. The Board of Directors for Charles Light Street Parking is comprised of 5 Directors – Christ Church’s Senior Pastor and four others elected by Christ Church’s Church Council. The church has had a long term management agreement with Arrow Parking who has very successfully managed the garage over the years. The garage pays Christ Church a dividend on its ownership of the 25 shares of stock, which is used to support the ministries and expenses of Christ Church.