Shelter Number: (410) 752-1285

Baltimore Outreach Services is a 40-bed homeless shelter for women and their children. For more information about our shelter, please visit our managing organization’s website, Baltimore Outreach Services.

Executive Director: Karen Adkins
Shelter Director: Carla Richardson

Shelter Dinners

We need people to prepare and to serve dinner in the shelter every Sunday evening. This is a great family activity and also provides service learning credit for school children.

To volunteer, sign up on the Social Ministry bulletin board or email Carla.


Fair Trade

The first Sunday of each month is Fair Trade Sunday at Christ Lutheran Church. Your purchase of delicious coffee, tea and chocolates enables you to put your faith into action with Lutheran World Relief (LWR), the first faith-based organization to establish a Fair Trade coffee project with Equal Exchange. Today, Lutherans are proud to be Equal Exchange’s largest group of faith-based customers.
Proceeds from Fair Trade Sunday help LWR combat the root causes of poverty. For each pound of coffee and tea purchased, Equal Exchange donates $.20 to the LWR Small Farmer Fund. In 2011 alone, that totaled nearly $50,000. LWR invites you to pour a cup of justice and enjoy this coffee and tea in fellowship with small-scale farmers as they earn a fair price and provide for their families.
French Roast
This one is all about the roast profile, with heavy oils on the beans and a dark brown color. The beans offer something more – heavy mouth feel, smoky flavors, and a sweet refreshing aftertaste.
Vienna Roast
The beans have a scarlet maple coloring with an oily surface. The roast offers dense caramelized sugars, and smokiness for more bittersweet flavors. Think cooked fruit. Think maple and mesquite. Think dark chocolate.
Medium Roast
This offers the sweetest, brightest, most accurate flavor profile of the individual coffees. It reveals the coffee bean’s true characteristics. You’ll notice the beans have a dry appearance.
Full City Roast
Oils start to appear on the surface of the beans. The sugars caramelize a little longer, offers new depths to the flavors without covering up acidity – taming the tart while highlighting the sweet.
Pot-Roast Blending
If you see different roasts in the same bag it is a Pot-Roast Blend. This method roasts two or more coffees to their desired levels and blends them together to create unique profiles.

World Hunger

A Wealth of KnowledgeVerdell

Verdell brings not only a warm smile to the food pantry not far from her home, but also her elderly mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 10 years ago.

Verdell, who lives with rheumatoid arthritis, had a good office job in downtown Chicago until her company outsourced the department. This made it possible for Verdell to care for her mother full time.

The food pantry she and her mother visit monthly is a big help. “We do eat better when we come here. It’s harder and harder to get out with mother, but the people here always make us welcome,” Verdell says. Your gifts to ELCA World Hunger help support the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry, which offers its comprehensive services and programs annually to thousands of families from Chicago’s West Side and near west suburbs.

Verdell says that caring for her mother is a challenge, but she handles it gracefully – after all, she learned from the best. “My mother always took care of everybody when they needed her, bringing children and grandchildren to live with her until she lost her house in the mortgage crisis. I’m glad she’s with me. Sometimes she forgets her own name, but she never forgets mine.”

And then she smiles again. “And sometimes, we just dance.”

You may donate to World Hunger through Christ Church using the World Hunger envelopes found in the narthex.


El Salvador

For the past seven years, teams from Christ Church have traveled to El Salvador to build homes in partnership with Habitat International and Thrivent.

Email Kevin Buckley at for information about scheduled summer trips and Rich Walther at

 for information about scheduled winter trips.