Financial support to this congregation is critical to the life and health of our ministry. You are invited to be part of providing for the broad scope of ministries of Christ Lutheran Church, both in this community and around the world.

  • Impact Others: Every dollar received into the ministry of Christ Church impacts the lives of people in need. These funds allow us to have pastors and staff available for counseling, visitation, weddings, funerals, teaching and, of course, worship. Financial support provides for our beautiful facilities, music, and fellowship. Additionally, your generosity provide financial support to other ministries through the city, the country and the world. Your donations change lives.
  • Grow Your Own Faith: As much as regular expressions of generosity benefits others, your giving has a deep impact on your own life. Early teachings of Christ and his followers frequently point to how financial giving is one of the best ways to deepen your own faith. Giving is both an expression of your faith, as well as a tool to help you grow in faith.
  • Say Thanks to God: Think a moment about the blessings in your own life. As people of faith, we know our homes, food and family are all gifts from God. As Lutherans we teach that even faith itself is given as a gift. Through giving, as well as prayer and worship, we have the opportunity to give thanks to God.   Throughout scripture, the model for this expression is frequent giving in proportion to what we have received.